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  • 75 mm blade with safety lock
  • Reamer and reamer with needle eye
  • Bottle opener with #3 screwdriver and wire bender
  • Can opener with #1 screwdriver
  • Sommelier corkscrew
  • tweezers
  • Size : 95 mm
  • Weight : 88g


Design: Revolutionary and sophisticated 360° design, fits ergonomically in the hand. Tools are easily accessible and with the through

Punch-outs for right-handers and left-handers easy to open.

Material: Compact construction made of high quality 440/57 HRC stainless steel (tools and sinkers).

Coating: All metallic parts - tools and circuit boards – are provided with a PVD (titanium nitride) coating.

Finishing: Frosted metallic Surfaces.

Grip shell: Robust anti-slip surface Soft touch plastic.

Safety: blade with safety lock, so that it cannot close while working. The blade can be unlocked by pressing the SWIZA cross.

Dishwasher safe: Can be put in the dishwasher (up to 80°C/176°F) can be cleaned. After cleaning, please put a drop of oil between the moving parts.

Warranty: Lifetime manufacturer's warranty against Material or manufacturing defects.

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