About Us

Or rather, about me.

Welcome to OnlyKnives - your place to go for high-quality knives!

My journey into the world of knives began in March 2022. An unforeseen, but also sad, event enabled me to take over an impressive inventory of knives. I seized this opportunity with both hands and this gave rise to the idea of ​​founding my own online shop. Unlike many other shops, I don't have a physical shop. OnlyKnives exists exclusively online, which allows me to fully focus on the digital service and the quality of the products offered.

The passion for knives and the pursuit of quality are the core values ​​of OnlyKnives. From the first click on our website to unboxing your new knife, I stand behind every step of the process. As a one-man business, I am the head and heart of this shop. This means that I not only handle the buying and selling, but also the shipping, customer support and everything in between.

Customer friendliness and transparency are particularly important to me. That's why I do everything I can to ensure that you not only receive first-class products, but also first-class service. Every request, order and feedback goes directly to me - and I do my best to make sure your experience with OnlyKnives is as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Thank you for being here and being part of this exciting journey. I look forward to offering you the best knives and the best service.

Best regards,

Andri Thomann