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Dear community,

We are proud to introduce you to an exciting new addition to our website today: Our brand new product rating system is live and waiting to be discovered by you!

Why we rely on your feedback:
Your opinions and experiences with our products are invaluable to us and the entire OnlyKnives community. Not only do they help other customers make well-informed decisions, but they also enable us to continually improve our service and product selection. Whether you want to give 1 star or 5 stars – every review is important to us and is valued by us. Your honesty is our top priority!

Here's how you can take part:

  • Navigate to your last purchased product.
  • Click on “Write a review” and share your thoughts and experiences with the entire community.

A little bonus for you:
As a token of our gratitude, we are giving away a 50CHF voucher for their next purchase to everyone who leaves a review by September 30, 2023. (winner has been notified)

Dear community, you are the heart of OnlyKnives. Please help us provide the best service we can. Your opinions shape us and we look forward to any feedback.

Best regards,

Your OnlyKnives Team💙

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